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Shera is an Indian celebrity bodyguard and entrepreneur. He is known for being the personal bodyguard of the Indian actor Salman Khan.


Shera aka Gurmeet Singh Jolly  was born on Monday, 19 May 1969 (age 53 years; as of 2022) in Andheri, Mumbai. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He did his schooling at Sheth Chunilal Damodardas Barfivala High School, Mumbai. While he was studying in class 11 at Bhavan’s College, Mumbai, he dropped out of the junior college to work at his father’s garage.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 6′
Weight (approx.): 85 kg
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Figure/Body Measurements (approx.): Chest 44″, Waist 34″, Biceps 19″


Parents & Siblings

His father, Nandjee Singh, used to own a garage named A to Z Singh’s Garage & Automobile Shop in Mumbai. His mother’s name is Uma Shankar Mishra.
Shera and his parents

Wife & Children

He has a son named Tiger aka Abir Siingh. As of 2022, Abir will make his Bollywood debut as an actor in 2023.
Shera with his son


Shera follows Sikhism. In an interview, he shared that because of his job, he had to leave his turban. He said,
Earlier I used to wear a turban. I am a Sikh. Because of my job I had to leave the turban. It was not possible to keep because of the crowds. So I had to cut my hair. I started wearing a cap and all. We went for a show and gelled well.”
An old picture of Shera when he used to wear a turban



In teens, Shera started his career as a bodybuilder. Thereafter, he participated in various bodybuilding competitions. In 1987, he won Mr Mumbai junior title. In 1988, he participated in Mr Maharashtra junior competition and finished at 2nd position.


In the early 1990s, many Indian celebrities started approaching him to work as a bodyguard for them. He then worked as a part of the security team of many international celebrities like Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, and Jackie Chan.
Shera with Mike Tyson
In an interview, Shera shared that he started working in security under the guidance of Andre Timmins, founder of entertainment events company Wizcraft. Shera said that Andre was his neighbour, and he motivated him to start working in the security department. Thereafter, Shera joined Wizcraft to handle the security department.

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard

In 1995, while Shera was working in the security team of the Whigfield concert, he met Salman for the first time. Later, he met Salman again at the party of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. A few days later, while Salman Khan was attending a show in Chandigarh, the crowd went out of control. Thereafter, Salman’s brother Sohail Khan decided to hire another bodyguard for Salman’s security. Sohail then decided to hire Shera as a personal bodyguard of Salman. In an interview, Shera talked about his initial work with Salman Khan. He said,
During one of my early assignments, I was at Indore with Maalik. We were travelling by car through this very small road where there were a lot of fans present and other people walking as well. There was only one small road to go and come, and we were getting late. I was little tired also. He gave me a pill. Bole (Khan said) ‘Have this’. One dose of something he gave me. I had it. You can’t believe it: I ran 8 km in front of his car to clear the road (of fans). That was the job I did with bhai. Since then, I have been like family for Maalik.”
Shera further shared that in his initial years with Salman, he used to go a day before the shooting schedule of Salman to check the security arrangements, and only after being assured about his security, he used to escort Salman to the shooting locations. Shera once shared that the most difficult moment of him being Salman Khan’s bodyguard was during Salman Khan’s hit and run and black buck case. He said that he used to take Salman from court to court, and felt bad about Salman’s situation. Shera used to hide Salman from the crowd and media persons during that time.
Shera guarding Salman Khan at the premises of a court
He once said that whatever he achieved in his life was just because of Salman, and whatever he has done for Shera, no one would ever do that for a bodyguard. In an interview, he shared his feelings for Salman, he said,
Maalik means master and Salman Maalik is everything to me. Who else has ever done such a thing for his bodyguard in the industry? I will lay down my life for him. He is my god. Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga. I always tell people that they will never see me standing behind or next to bhai. I will be standing in front of him, looking out for any threat. He had added, “I am like a horse decked up at a wedding to carry the groom. I am only concerned about my Maalik (Salman) and wherever he goes, I am there. I am his Yes Man. To date, whatever Maalik has asked, I’ve done. That is why I am a part of Maalik’s family.”
Shera guarding Salman Khan at an event
In 2011, Salman Khan dedicated his Hindi film ‘Bodyguard’ to Shera. In the film, Shera did a cameo appearance in the title track of the film. Salman even wore a bodyguard uniform with the logo of Shera’s security company ‘Tiger Security Services.’ In an interview, Shera talked about it. He said,
He has made this film (Bodyguard) about me, he has made me dance, he has begun the publicity for it from me, he has worn my company’s logo in the film, how much mileage he has given me.”
Shera with Salman Khan in the title track of the Hindi film Bodyguard


On 17 October 1996, he started a security services company named Tiger Security Services. His company provide security to many national and international celebrities.
Tiger Security Services
In 2022, Shera’s security agency was hired to handle the security of the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber, while Justin was in India for his music concert ‘Justin Bieber Justice World Tour – India.’ In an interview, Shera shared his experience while working for Justin. He said,
We went to Gateway of India (in Mumbai) in the night, and to the slums the next day, the ones near Shivaji Nagar. Next time, I wanted to take him in a helicopter but he insisted on travelling in my car. He was using my car. He wanted to have coffee in a mall and he got down on Vashi road, to go to In orbit Mall. He went to Starbucks, and by the time he reached there, everything went haywire and people started gathering. Before panic could take over, I had to pull him back in the van and immediately book a room in a nearby hotel for his safety.”



In October 2019, Shera joined the Indian political party Shiv Sena. The party took to its Twitter account to share the news. The tweet reads,
अभिनेते सलमान खान जी यांचे निष्ठावंत व विश्वासू गुरमीत सिंग उर्फ शेरा जी यांनी आज मातोश्री निवासस्थानी येथे शिवसेना पक्षप्रमुख मा. श्री. उद्धव साहेब ठाकरे आणि युवासेनाप्रमुख. यांच्या उपस्थितीत शिवसेनेत जाहीर प्रवेश केला.”
Its English translation is,
Actor Salman Khan’s loyal and faithful Gurmeet Singh aka Shera ji, today at Matoshree residence, Shiv Sena party chief Ma. Mister. Uddhav Saheb Thackeray and Yuva Sena chief. In the presence of Shiv Sena made a public entry.”

Shera on the day he joined Shiv Sena


Accused of an Assault Case

On 25 October 2016, a man filed a physical assault case against Shera. However, Shera denied all such allegations and said,
Nothing happened on Tuesday. I went to meet a friend at Kokilaben Hospital, then I went to Pop Tate’s where I had a verbal argument on the phone, but no physical scuffle. The police came to my house in the morning and now I am accompanying them to the DN Nagar Police Station. I don’t know the details of the charges against me.”
Later, Shera was proven innocent in the case.


  • 2018: Arogya Ratna Award by Ambabai Talim Sanstha from Sanjay Bhokare Group of Companies
    Shera receiving an Arogya Ratna award
  • 2018: Best Celebrity Bodyguard from Cama Awards and Gujarat Tourism
    Shera receiving the Best Celebrity Bodyguard award
  • 2019: Best Celebrity Bodyguard from Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Patrakaar Sangh
  • 2019: Best Security Agency for Tiger Security Services from Golden Glory Award
  • 2020: Punjab Youth Icon Award from the Punjab Government
    Shera receiving Punjab Youth Icon Award 2020
  • 2020: Dada Saheb Phalke Icon Award
    Shera with his Dada Saheb Phalke Icon Award


He earns Rs 2 crores annually.


  • His name is also spelt Sheraa.
  • Since childhood, Shera loves driving cars, weightlifting, and riding motorcycles.
  • In teens, Shera wanted to become a model, but due to a lack of finances, he started helping his father in his father’s garage shop.
  • Shera follows a non-vegetarian diet and loves to eat prawns.
    Shera’s Instagram post about food
  • He is often spotted consuming alcohol at parties and events.
    Shera holding a glass of alcohol
  • He has appeared as a chief guest at various events.
    Shera as a special guest at an event
  • Shera is a dog lover and owns a pet dog named Tequila, who has won awards in many dog shows.
    Shera playing with his pet dog
  • He is a spiritual person and often visits nearby temples and gurudwaras.
    Shera at a temple of lord Ganesha
  • In his leisure time, he loves to do horse riding and various adventure sports.
  • In 2022, he became a member of Chandigarh Kings in the cricket league ‘Entertainment Premiere League.’
    Shera as a member of Chandigarh Kings
  • Shera calls Salman Khan ‘Maalik.’ In an interview, while talking about it, Shera said,
    Maalik means master and Salman Maalik is everything to me. I will lay down my life for him. He is my god. I will protect him till my last breath.”
  • He owns a Harley-Davidson VRSC and a Thar car.
    Shera sitting on his motorcycle
    Shera with his Thar car
  • Shera regularly workouts in a gym to maintain his fitness.

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