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Centre controls ‘services’ in Delhi govt, says high court | India News

NEW DELHI: A fortnight ahead of a five-judge Supreme Court bench taking up the vexed dispute between the Centre and the Delhi government over “services”, the Delhi high court has ruled that Delhi being a Union territory, “services” in Delhi government come under the control of the central government.
While deciding on the disputed creation of a post in the legislative assembly in 2002 and the termination in 2013 of services of the person who had held it, Justice Chandra Dhari Singh analysed in detail the insertion of Article 239AA of the Constitution in 1991 to provide for the creation of Delhi government with an assembly and the resultant Transaction of Business of Government of NCT Delhi Rules, 1993 to come to the conclusion that “the services under the NCT of Delhi are necessarily the services of the Union and they are expressly covered only by Entry 70 of List I”. The HC further noticed that Delhi, unlike states, has no state public service commission.