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Hello guys today i am going to tell Nauksham chaudhary biography About, Nauksham Chaudhary is a BJP candidate. Nauksham Chaudhary is a very beautiful. Naukam Choudhary who quit the job of 1 crore a year and took the plunge to contest elections in Haryana. We are going to tell you about Naukham Choudhary, if you do not know about them, then I tell you about them, so let’s begin.

Name Nausham Choudhary
Nick name Able
Date of birth 1993
Ages 27 years (2020)
religion Muslim
Citizenship Indian
marital status Single
birth place Punhana Pamakheda, Haryana
The profession Politician
Interest Walking, reading

Nauksham chaudhary biography
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Nauksham Chaudhary’s life introduction

Naukham Chaudhary is born into a Muslim family. Naukam Choudhary was born in 1993 in Punhana Pamakheda, Haryana. Naukham Chaudhary is about 27 years old. Naukham Chaudhary is very beautiful. Nauksham Chaudhary is a politician. Naukam Chaudhary is a BJP candidate. Nausham Chaudhary is very fond of walking and reading.
Nauksham chaudhary biography

Nauksham Chaudhary family

Naukam Choudhary belongs to a Muslim family. Nauksham Chaudhary’s mother’s name is Ranjit Kaur and her father’s name is RS Chaudhary. His mother is an IAS in Haryana cadre and his father is a retired judge. Naukam Choudhary loves her parents very much. The brother and sister of Naukham Chaudhary are also not known. Naukam Choudhary is the darling daughter of her parents.

Nauksham Chaudhary education

Naukam Choudhary has started her studies from Chandigarh. After this, he did his further studies from Karnal to BA. After this, he studied in London for three years. Naukham Chaudhary has knowledge of ten languages. Naukam Choudhary has done a triple MA in studies. Nauksham Chaudhary left politics for Rs 1 crore and entered politics.

Reason for Nauksham Chaudhary to step into politics

The reason for Naukham Chaudhary to enter politics is to meet the shortage of electricity, water, canal water, university, means of employment, education infrastructure as well as teachers, to take our area forward, to complete every deficiency. Just like Kanan. Especially all this was necessary in Punhana.
Nauksham chaudhary biography

Naukam Choudhary joined the BJP, influenced by the plans of PM Modi and CM Manohar Lal. After interacting with the people, Nausham Chaudhary decided to enter politics and demanded a ticket. In view of their merit, the BJP party decided to give them a chance. Naukam Chaudhary took party membership from Punhana in the month of August.

Naukham Choudhary’s election results

Naukam Choudhary fought against Mohammad Ilyas from Punhana. Mohammad Ilyas is the Congress candidate. Nausham Chaudhary had to face defeat from BJP candidate and Congress candidate Mohammad Ilyas. Nausham Chaudhary lost 13671 to Votto. Naukam Choudhary got 21421 votes where Mohammad Ilyas got 35092 votes and Mohammad Ilyas won the election with so much of votes.

Naukham Choudhary’s decision

Naukham Chaudhary decides that she would like to stay in politics. Nausham Chaudhary was asked that you were offered a job of 1 crore rupees, and if you have lost the election, will you stay in politics or do the job. Naukham Chaudhary said that “Now I will be active in politics.
Nauksham chaudhary biography

Naukham Choudhary instagram account

Naukham Choudhary has 1K followers on her Instagram account. User name on Naukham Chaudhary’s Instagram account nauksham_chaudhary_ is.
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