For Biden, the list of worsts keep getting “worser”: Thiessen

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Marc Thiessen discusses inflation eating away at Americans’ paychecks and how the stock market is also cutting into people’s retirement savings on ‘Special Report.’ 

MARC THIESSEN: Very much so. And first of all, I just miss Charles Krauthammer so much, and I wish I’d gone to medical school so I could be better at this. You know, inflation was already eating away everybody’s paychecks. And now inflation and the stock market are eating away at their retirement savings. And for this president, the list of a litany of worsts keeps getting worser. I mean, we already had the worst inflation in 40 years. Worst gas prices on record. Worst crime wave since the 1990s. Worst border crisis in American history. Now we can add to that the worst labor shortage in American history, 11.5 record million unfilled jobs in this country. Worst mortgage rates in 13 years and worse productivity since 1947. And we’re on the cusp of a recession, too, to put a cherry on top. This is a bad situation for this president and he’s not getting any good news. 


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