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P R Sundar is an Indian stock market analyst, financial consultant, and a social media financial influencer, who is well known for giving training about futures & options (F&O) trading on various social media platforms


Purisai Rajamani Sundar was born on Saturday, 28 March 1964 (age 58 years; as of 2022) in Purisai, Tamil Nadu. His zodiac sign is Aries. Sundar completed his schooling at a Tamil-medium corporation school. Due to the poor financial condition of his house, he was sent to a charitable trust hostel in Chennai. He enrolled himself at the University of Cambridge in England, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Sundar completed a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Chennai. Sundar has seven siblings.
P R Sundar showcasing his primary school in Purisai, Tamil Nadu

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 6″
Hair Colour: Salt & Pepper
Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

Sundar’s father, Rajamani, worked as an unskilled worker in the Gulf countries. There is not much information available about his mother or siblings.

Wife & Children

On 10 November, Sundar got married to Mangaiyarkarasi Sundar. Together, they have a son, Ashwin Sundar, who is a stock market trader.
P R Sundar with his son Ashwin Sundar (middle), and wife Mangaiyarkarasi Sundar


As a teacher

Sundar was appointed as a maths teacher at a school in Gujarat. In 1993, he got an opportunity to shift to Singapore to teach mathematics in a school. After spending around 12 years in Singapore, in 2005, he returned back to India and started investing in his own business as he was looking for an alternate career apart from teaching. A relative of his suggested he appear for the NSE Academy Certification in Financial Management (NCFM) exam. While preparing for the exams, he soon developed an interest in the stock market.

As a stock market analyst and trader

In 2007, Sundar started investing in the stock market. Since May 2016, he has been working as a sales and marketing specialist at CBA Capital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. On 30 June 2017, Sundar was appointed as the director of Mansun Consultancy Private Limited, which is primarily involved in financial intermediary and consultancy services. In June 2020, Sundar was appointed as an account manager at the Cryptrade Network in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. He served there for a period of 2 years and a month till June 2022. P R Sundar has a self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts videos related to the stock market; the channel has more than 1 million subscribers.


Trolled for making money from training rather than trading

Sundar was heavily trolled by netizens for making a huge sum of money from youtube advisory videos regarding stocks and stock market training courses than actual stock market trading. In an interview, he expressed his resentment over making more money through training rather than trading and said,
Why does it matter? At the end of the day, all we have to do is to make money. Is there any government rule that says a person should not be making more money in training than in trading? The two are independent businesses. If Virat Kohli is making more money by doing commercials than by playing cricket, does it matter? The money is coming from all legitimate means.”

Criticised for offensive comments

In November 2022, P R Sundar was heavily criticized for using foul and offensive language while he had an argument with a user on his Twitter handle. Sundar’s conversation with the user regarding the Mark-to-Market (MTM) concept (Mark-to-market is an accounting method to determine the fair value of an asset or liability based on the current market price) on his trade, turned into a heated argument after Sundar passed a controversial comment on women and their virginity following which he was harshly criticised for his unacceptable and wrong choice of words.

Unfollowing and blocking this @PRSundar64 arrogant person
Enough has been tolerated in past also.
(Nothing personal)
Highly immoral and disgusting
Money and fame has taken over his mind.
I haven’t blocked a single troller or critic till now. pic.twitter.com/HZQkTl73yT
— Harish Sharma (@hsvashistha16) November 27, 2022

Later, Sundar posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he apologized for using disrespectful words and said,
I lost my patience. I am sorry. People say I should not have used certain unparliamentary words and I do agree. Of course, no need to say I did not mean it. I tweeted him only for the purpose of argument to make him understand the concept. Otherwise, I did not know whether he had a daughter or not.”

Investigation launched by SEBI

In November 2022, the Securities and Exchange Board of India launched an investigation against P R Sundar, his son, and his company Mansun Consultancy Pvt Ltd for allegedly providing consultation services regarding investment measures without getting registered with SEBI. As per SEBI guidelines, if any person is found to be engaged in providing investment advisory services without getting registered with SEBI, appropriate action can be taken against him/her, under the SEBI Act, 1992. In an interview, Sundar talked about being under the radar of SEBI and said,
This is a two-year-old matter when I was associated with a Sebi registered advisory company. Instead of taking payments from the company, my firm had collected payments on their behalf. We received the first show-cause notice in May 2022 and another in this month. We are assisting Sebi with all the details.”

Car Collection

P R Sundar owns a Mercedes Benz S Class and a Jaguar.
P R Sundar with his Mercedes Benz S Class car
P R Sundar with his Jaguar car


Sundar owns a four-storeyed penthouse worth Rs 30 crore in Tamil Nadu and an apartment near Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
A glimpse of P R Sundar’s penthouse in Tamil Nadu


  • Sundar’s Twitter account has more than 5 lakh followers.
  • Sundar is associated with various social works and charitable programs. In 2021, amid Covid-19, he donated over Rs 1 crore to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Public Relief Fund. Sundar is the founder of the Mangai Foundation, which provides financial support to children, elders and single women parents.

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