Shivesh Bhatia (Bake with Shivesh) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Shivesh is an Indian food Youtuber, author, and content creator who is famous for his YouTube channel Bake with Shivesh.


Shivesh was born on 22 April 1996 (age 27 years; as of 2023) in Delhi. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He completed his schooling at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in 2014 and studied Political Science at Hindu College, Delhi University, and graduated in May 2017. Shivesh had a love for writing and started blogging in 2014. In 2015, he switched to his own website following a YouTube channel in 2019 that made him one of the leading faces of food blogging in the country.
A childhood picture of Shivesh with his twin sister

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

The names of Shivesh’s mother and father are unknown. He also has a twin sister Shubhra.
Shivesh with his father, mother, and sister
A picture of Shivesh with his entire family

Wife & Children

Shivesh is not married or dating anyone.


As a Blogger

Shivesh started blogging in 2014 when he was still in school. Fortunately, he got a great response from the readers. He started posting pictures on Instagram too and gained a lot of traction. He also worked on his styling and photography during this time.

As a YouTuber

A few years after his blogging journey and his website (2015), Shivesh started his YouTube journey in 2019 with his channel named Bake with Shivesh. He has over 900K subscribers.

As an Author

Shivesh has been a writer for a very long time and has written articles for newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Hindu. He stopped writing before his 12th-grade exams. He then published his first book named Bake with Shivesh (5 November 2018).
Shivesh with his first published book, Bake with Shivesh
On 8 December 2020, he published his second book named

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Outlook Social Media award in 2016
  • Vogue’s list of “20 Under 26” in 2017
  • CondeNast Traveler India’s Social Media Star of the year in 2017
  • The Best Dessert Blog Award by Better Homes and Gardens in 2017
  • Best Instagrammer of the Year at Living Foodz awards in 2018
  • Best Food Feed of the Year at the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards in 2019, 2021, and 2022
  • Exhibit Magazine Food Influencer Of The Year 2022
  • Travel & Leisure Food Blogger Of The Year 2022
  • Exhibit Magazine Top 100 Influencer Award
  • Cosmo India Blogger Awards Food Icon Of The Year 2020
  • Cosmo India Blogger Awards Food Influencer Of The Year 2022
  • Digital Influencer Of The Year award at the 11th annual Indian Restaurant Awards 2022
    Shivesh with Digital Influencer Of The Year award


Shivesh once revealed that his income is not fixed but it ranges from 10-50 lakhs per month.

Net Worth

Shivesh has not disclosed his exact net worth but he has agreed that he is a millionaire.


  • Food: Pizza
    Shivesh enjoying his favourite food
  • Pastime: Scrolling Instagram


  • Shivesh made his first video on how to make a chocolate cake tiramisu on 15 March 2019.
  • He confessed that the most annoying brand team he has ever worked with is Jiiwa, a health food brand, because they were rude to his team.
  • Shivesh says that his first baking experience was when he was in grade 11. He and his cousins bought the Betty Croker cake mix to make some vanilla cupcakes which got burnt. However, it was a memorable experience for him. This is also how he started blogging in the first place.
  • Shivesh loves swimming and has even experienced some water sports like snorkeling.
    A picture of Shivesh snorkeling
  • Shivesh’s biggest and most expensive brand deal to date is with Borosil.
  • He is best friends with Kritika Khurana, a fashion influencer and content creator. Both have traveled extensively together. They met for the first time in 2016 on a trip to Singapore. Shivesh says that he never thought of being friends with her as he believed that she was very different from him.
    Shivesh and Kritika Khurana
  • One of his other best friends is Saif Tinwala (Airline Pilot) whom he is very close and shares everything.
    Shivesh with his best friend Saif
  • Shivesh is not a big party person and likes to spend time with his close ones. However, he does like to dance to Bollywood music.
  • According to him, the most annoying part about his job is being constantly online and how it impacts his personal life, and that there are no fixed timings for it.
  • He is very artistic and can be often seen indulging in creative activities.
    Shivesh attending a painting workshop
  • Shivesh adopted a dog named Yoda. He is an animal lover and loves to interact with them.
    Shivesh with his pet dog Yoda
    A picture of Shivesh hugging a Koala
  • Shivesh’s father and mother met on a bus to Delhi University. According to his father, his mother initiated the conversation.
  • He likes to drink occasionally when he is with friends.
    Shivesh in Truth or Drink Video with Kritika Khurana

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